Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Digital photoshoot of the "Silver Beauty"

A strong case can be made that the panoramic photograph in its broadest conceptions has been, since the invention of photography, a key element in ‘modern’ ways of looking, in particular because it has been used to visualize the major issues and concerns of modernity on the grandest scale.

Simple definition of a panoramic photograph is difficult, as so many ways have been used by photographers to achieve an image that goes beyond the conventional formats. Some sources insist on the image being made by a 360-degree rotational camera, but this would exclude many images described as ‘panoramic’ by their makers. Circular, fisheye images are one example; the continuous strip images of the periphery camera another.

Soon we will touch the sky... digital photoshoot of the ANNA II

Up until the 1990s, SLR was the most advanced photographic preview system available. But the recent development and refinement of digital imaging technology with an on-camera live LCD preview screen has overshadowed SLR's popularity. Nearly all inexpensive compact digital cameras now include an LCD preview screen allowing the photographer to see exactly what the CCD is capturing. However, SLR is still popular in high-end and professional cameras, because the pixel resolution, contrast ratio, refresh rate, and color gamut of an LCD preview screen cannot compete with the clarity and shadow detail of a direct-viewed optical SLR viewfinder.

The dream of flying - digital photoshoots of flying oldtimers

Focus can be adjusted manually by the photographer or automatically by an autofocus system. The viewfinder can include a matte focusing screen located just above the mirror system to diffuse the light. This system permits accurate viewing, composing and focusing, especially useful with interchangeable lenses.